• Workshop: Intelligent Machines? Self-Organized Nonlinear Dynamics of Machines across Scales 06/2022 in Dresden, “Ising Machines — Analog Computing Using Coupled Oscillators”
  • 2022 Joint conference of the European Frequency and Time Forum & the IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium 04/2022 in Paris“Mutual Network Synchronization: How Precise Phase Relations Can be Achieved in the Presence of Large Cross-Coupling Time Delays”
  • Presentation at Naventik GmbH 04/2021 in Chemnitz, “Entrainment and self-organized synchronization — Spatially distributed clocks and their applications”
  • 2021 IQ Preis Mitteldeutschland 05/2021, virtual pitch, “Navigation mit geschlossenen Augen — Richtungshören innerhalb existierender Mobilfunkarchitektur”
  • Colloquium: Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden (cfaed) 09/2019 in Dresden “Self-organized synchronization — From localized time references to spatially extended clocking”
  • Dynamic Days Conference 06/2016 in Corfu Town (Corfu, Greece), “Phase dynamics of delay-coupled electronic clocks with filter induced memory effects”
  • Graduate Lectures Mathematical Department at the TU-Dresden 01/2015, “Synchronization — Embryonic Development to Electronic Networks”
  • PhD Circle Meeting 04/2010 in Amsterdam
    “Distributed vs Fixed Delay in a System of Coupled Phase Oscillators”
  • Meeting of the German Physical Society in Regensburg (DPG 03/2010)
    “Distributed vs Fixed Delay in a System of Coupled Phase Oscillators”
  • Meeting of the German Physical Society in Dresden (DPG 03/2011)
    “Effect of distributed delays on synchronization dynamics”
  • Graduate Lecture at Faculty of Science Department of Mathematics 01/2015
    “Synchronization: Embryonic Development to Electronic Networks”
  • 675. WE-Heraeus Seminar: Delayed Complex Systems 2018, (link)
    “Design centering quantifies basin stability of synchronized states in mutually delay-coupled electronic clocks”
  • Workshop on Dynamics of Coupled Oscillators: 40 Years of the Kuramoto Model (MPI-PKS 07/2015)
    “Robust Synchronization in Electronic Networks with Delay Coupled Distributed Clocks”
  • Meeting of the German Physical Society 2009 in Dresden (DPG 03/2009)
    “Distributed time delay in the Kuramoto model of coupled oscillators”
  • Annual Zebrafish Meeting 07/2009 in Rome, Italy
    “The effects of intercellular communication in biological clocks”
  • Delayed Complex Systems workshop 2009 in Dresden at (MPI-PKS 10/2009)
    “Coupled Phase Oscillators with Distributed Delay”
  • Dynamic Days 01/2012 in Baltimore, USA
    “Effect of Distributed Delays on Synchronization Dynamics”
  • Meeting of the German Physical Society 2012 in Berlin (DPG 03/2012)
    “Effects of Distributed Delay in the Coupling of Phase Oscillators for m-twist Solutions”
  • Physics of Living Matter 09/2012 in London, UK
    “Reconstructing the segmentation clock oscillator” (3rd author)